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1 year anniversary!

Well, it has officially been one year since my first ever post! In that time, I have managed to write a grand total of 3 blog entries! How do I keep up with all this work I hear you ask? Well, it’s easy, the trick is not to overload yourself with too much at one time…No, in all honesty, I really will try and make it to at least double digits in this next year of blogging! It’s just that with a new business and auditions and shows and trying to be a good housewife on top of it all, sometimes it all just gets too hard! But, I do promise to try and do better. After all, there has been quite a lot going on in the world of Lea Porcaro…Updates soon!

Alice in Wonderland

Well, it’s been a while since I last wrote, yes, I know, I am terrible at this whole BLOG thing! But I will try to be better at it, that’s just one of my many, many, many, new year’s resolutions!

So, what have I been up to? Well, lots! Business has been incredible…I couldn’t have imagined a better year! Now, to keep it up…

But, aside from that, I have also been performing in the Australian Shakespeare Company’s adaptation of, yes, you guess it, ‘Alice in Wonderland’. We have been performing at the gorgeous Rippon Lea Estate and will be there until January 29th (check out the Australian Shakespeare Company website or Ticketmaster for full details and booking information). After only 10 days of rehearsal, we had quite a hectic opening last Saturday, 8th of January. It was ridiculously hot and ever so slightly manic but we got there! And although we have had to since cancel 5 shows due to the weather, the season has so far been pretty great! Check out our awesome review from the Herald Sun last Friday 14th of January:

Ok, will try to stick to my new years resolution but for now, gotta run and do another show!


To Audition or not to audition?

Hands up if you have ever woken up in the middle of the night the day before an audition and felt sick as a dog!?! I mean, raging temperature, cold sweats, shaking body, the whole bit…Well I have…Recently actually. This is the dilemma, no matter how sick you are, you are not supposed to tell audition panels this. I mean, you can be dying, but you can’t say anything. So, do you:

a)    Miss out altogether and hope that another audition just like this one is right around the corner?

b)    Go and hope that you don’t die along the way?

This is the dilemma I recently found myself in. So what was my inner monologue telling me to do??? Well it was back and forth…(you can’t go, they are going to think you suck, you have to go or you will miss this fantastic opportunity, but what if….you get the general idea)!

So, I went. To be truthful, I had two auditions for the same company a couple of hours apart and I missed the first one but went to the second one and here is how it went…

I basically talked to myself the whole car ride there and said, “Lea, you can do this….It is only 30seconds worth of a song, you can do this”. And I psyched myself into it. So there I am waiting to walk in the door with this huge belty song and I go in and they are absolutely lovely and I think, yes, I can do this! So I do…I belted the crap out of that song, as best I could. When it was over, the panel were laughing (it was a funny song, they weren’t laughing at me) and were like, wow…Which is the reaction you want. So I am feeling pretty proud of myself but it is at this point that my body decides it can’t take any more. I am stuffed. Every little bit of my energy went into the song. Then they started asking me questions like, “So what is your range beyond that big belt?”…. Uh oh, what??? I can’t think, I go blank, I have no idea what they are saying or meaning…I stumble through the question thinking, I need to get out of here! This is killing me, my entire body is throbbing and the cold, clammy sweats are coming back. Then they ask the big question…”Can we hear a scale?”…A SCALE!!!! Are you joking, I can’t even stand but ok, compose yourself, you can do this! I mean it’s a major scale for crying out loud! Ok, the pianist plays a G, I start singing probably somewhere around a B/C. No, that’s not right, try again…Nope, not it either. The pianist can see I am struggling at this point so he plays the notes of the scale for me and I just copy. But of course, I am not thinking about how I am singing, I am just thinking about trying to get the notes of a G major scale out of my mouth. So it comes out sounding a little like one of those bad auditions you see on those horrible shows like Idol or something. They can see I am struggling so they let me do it again…Much the same outcome I’m afraid. Then I get one of those, “thanks, that’s all we need to see”, and I’m off.

Now, obviously, I didn’t get the job. Which is a shame, but expected. But this is where I go back to my original question: “to audition, or not to audition”? Would it have been better for me to stay in bed, drink plenty of fluids, pop a couple paracetamol and rest? Probably. But then again, the song was actually pretty good. I mean, I made them laugh and that MUST count for something. And cancelling at the last minute is never good. So, I ask, what would you do?


Welcome all to my very first ever blog! For those of you that don’t know me, my name is Lea and I am a performer. Mostly I sing and act. I have a degree in Musical Theatre from BAPA and I now run my own small business, bilingual (Italian) Theatre in Education for Primary Schools. This web site is pretty much just going to be keeping people up to date with what I am up to, stories about auditions and everyday life as a self-employed performer, and maybe some business along the way!

This part of the website gives you information about me as a performer. Samples of singing, acting, voice overs etc. The other side of the website, the Spectacular Spettacolo side, is all about the Theatre in Education business that I run.

Please feel free to comment or to email me any time, I hope you enjoy my blog and my website, thanks!

Lea 😉