Lea has been working as a professional singer now for over 19 years, although she started singing well before it eventually became her career. At the age of 13, Lea took part in her first amateur theatre production and has been singing ever since.

Having trained in both Musical Theatre and in Classical voice, Lea got her first professional job as a singer immediately after completing her Bachelor of Performing Arts in Musical Theatre Performance at BAPA. She performed at the five star Hayman Island resort for over a year and a half, singing six nights a week. Her biggest highlights include singing for Olivia Newton John and jamming with Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers!

After this first job, Lea continued to work as a singer all over the world. From Melbourne, Rome, London, Majorca, Menorca and Cyprus, Lea did everything from one woman shows, to band work, to performing in the lead role of a tribute show to 1400 people every night.

Since returning from overseas, Lea has performed regularly across Melbourne and beyond. Lea also owns and operates her self-devised bilingual Theatre in Education company ‘Spectacular Spettacolo’, for which she writes, produces and directs incursions which are performed all across VIC, SA, QLD and now also WA.

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