“I just want to thank you so much for your performance! It was great to finally be able to have Michelle come out and perform for us! Michelle, you were fabulous! The children had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed your show. The interactive participation throughout the show was fantastic and very engaging…The teacher’s resource pack sent out is such an invaluable resource! It has so many practical and fun language, art and interactive activities to do with the children, and can be used both as a preparation for and follow up performance resource. Also today I did an evaluation/reflective activity with some classes and they stated that they loved the storyline of Claudia going back in time, through the time machine and visiting the different cities and experiencing their particular features. They wanted to sing and act out the ‘Dammi il Cinque’ song, which we did and thoroughly enjoyed. I think it will become one of our Italian repertoire favourites! I will certainly be spreading the word about your great show and very professional theatrical service.
Grazie e buona fortuna!”

(Anna, Holy Name Reservoir)

“The children truly enjoyed the show. It was an amazing performance. You are truly a fantastic performer.  The show was entertaining and interactive and very appropriate for the age group”

(Angela, Holy Sprit Thornbury)

“Mille grazie to the Spettacolo Spectacular team for the wonderful “Dammi il Cinque” performance. The students had a blast and enjoyed dancing, joining in songs and participating in the action. Students and teachers alike learnt a lot about the five Italian cities and the whole show was very well balanced. Everyone who attended the show (and a teacher passing by!) were really impressed with the quality of Laura’s singing. The teacher’s pack I received was full of very useful resources. Having it in advance gave me the chance to acquaint the students with the songs too.I think I can say on behalf of Baden Powell College, we look forward to the next brainchild of the SS team!”
(Baden Powell College)

“Hi Lea. The students absolutely loved Time Warp Part 11 -Dammi il cinque.  They couldn’t stop talking about the show, they absolutely loved it.  They loved the singing, dancing and being part of the show.  They are very much looking forward to seeing Part 3 next year. The staff also said it was a fabulous show.  Keep up the great work. “Time Warp” has captivated the students at St. Mary’s P.S Ascot Vale. Compliments to you and your staff.”

(St Mary’s, Ascot Vale)

“Hi Lea. Our italian day was a success and the show was definitely a highlight as many have said it was their favourite part of the day. Thank you to Laura and Marcus for a great performance and great songs that cover different styles of music while teaching them about Italy.”

(Resurrection School, Keysborough)

“Lea you are a great preformer! The show was fantastic and you engaged your audience!”

(Assisi Catholic College, Gold Coast, QLD)

“Carissima Lea, I am just writing to say a huge grazie for your great performance. The kids loved every single moment…they found your show excellent…they are making me play and dance along with the songs with them all the time! I love it too and I think you girls are wonderful! All the best and please keep me posted for any show coming up!”

(Milton State School, Brisbane, QLD)

“Just a short note to say what a great afternoon the children had. The comments from the other teachers and the parents were very positive. Your performance was nothing short of enthusiastic and very professional. I will definitely keep you in mind for our next Italian Day in 2013!”

(Holy Spirit, Thornbury)

“Thank you for a fantastic show. You were dynamic, fun, entertaining and energenic. The high level of participation by the students was amazing. I had lots of positive feedback from teachers and students. We were all astounded at your level of energy and your amazing voice. I heard the students singing Time Warp in playground even the following day. I would also like to thank you for being so flexible. Ben fatto!!!!!!! I wish you all the best for the new show.”

(St. Bernard’s Primary School Coburg)

“Students are still singing “Time Warp” days after the event and remember the show as being ‘just awesome’.”

(Resurrection Primary School, Keysborough)

“Absolutely fantastic show-full of energy! Children were totally engaged and loved it. I recieved great feedback from our teachers who watched the performance. Well done Lea.”

(St. Paul’s Kealba Catholic School)

“Che spettacolo davvero!!! Non me l’aspettavo cosi`…….. era uno show familiare (per le canzoni che conosciamo dal CD) ma anche MOLTO differente a quello che pensavamo. Straordinario!…You must have felt very loved by our school (deservedly so) also because we’ve had ‘shows’ before (my kids are tough critics, believe me)……and now we’ve had the BEST!…Please continue to make shows like this to appeal to school children. Time Warp was a pure celebration of Italian (and Italian history and culture) – it does not deride it in any way. It was refreshing to behold!”

(St. Mark’s Primary School, Fawkner)

“Fantastic show! We were really impressed that the performers were prepared to travel all the way to Creswick to perform and were also happy to sign autographs for the kids after!”

(Inner city schools LOTE camp, Creswick)

“Hi Lea, Thankyou very much for your fantastic performance for our Italian day! It was entertaining and the children were engaged and encouraged to join in the whole time! Your voice is amazing! All of the teachers enjoyed the show too. Thanks again!”

(Mt. Evelyn Primary School)

“The show was absolutely fantastic. I have been a teacher for over 25 years and have seen many Italian school performances. Yours was refreshing, it had all the kids-even the big cool year 6 boys and girls moving. It was great to see shows that didn’t rely on Italian cliches, sarcasm and stereotypes. Thanks again for a great educational, engaging, vibrant and enthusiastic performance. Keep up the great work.”

(Inner city schools LOTE camp, Creswick)

“The show was highly interactive and kept the children engaged. They really enjoyed the participation; each child got the opportunity to sing along and dance. It was educational and very well presented with passion and energy. It was great to have a show where all the songs were totally in Italian. The resource pack was extensive and certainly helped me prepare my children for the show which enhanced their understanding and enjoyment.”

(St. Joseph’s Primary School, Northcote)

“Please forward my thanks to the girls for yesterday’s show. The corridors are still echoing with the catchy songs as the children get back to reality. Would you believe it’s the boys doing just as much of the singing and dancing as the girls! They loved the loudness of the ‘Time Warp’ and were eager to use their magic whoosh hands in Italian today…They had lots of fun.”

(Mentone Park Primary School)

“A HUGE thank you for the amazing Teacher pack. It contained wonderful ideas and activities I could use as both lead-up and follow-on work. Kids are still singing, humming and dancing to the tunes, much to the annoyance of other teachers.Ha ha. Grazie!”

“Just like to thank you Lea for an outstanding performance. You managed to engage all levels which was fantastic to see. The children really enjoyed the show and being involved in the song and dances. Grazie!”

“The children absolutely loved the performance of your show, They enjoyed the participation of the movement that was incorporated and it kept the children engaged and interested. It was great to see that the content was most educational. Congratulations!”

“The performance was very innovative and most engaging. All our students from Prep – Grade 6 were particiapting. Perfect level. Great that after the Italian language was used, the english version followed. I have already passed on your details to a few friends”.

“Very professional and a wonderful performance. Great Job!”

“Great show! Language was appropriate and flowed really well from the songs that the children learnt”.

“Once again ‘grazie infinitamente’ for your show of all shows! Your enthusiasm and energy shined though and children responded likewise. One child wrote “The show was awesome and not only that it was very educational because we got to learn a lot about Italy”.”

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